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Save the Rain

Crossbody Purse- "Elements"

Crossbody Purse- "Elements"

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Product Details:
Our Crossbody Kitenge Purses are 9.5″x 12″ and lay flat. They are the perfect size for carrying all your essentials without weighing you down.

This Crossbody Purse features Kitenge fabric in shades of Blue, Red, Brown, Black, and White, adorned with hand-sewn beadwork. Zippers Edge is finished with Brown faux suede for durability and elegant design. Because of the unique detail of a handmade product, each is a one-of-a-kind.
Handmade with Love in Tanzania. 
Who Handmade Your Product with Love?:
Our Crossbody Kitenge Purse collection comes from the Schwari fair-trade co-op in Arusha, Tanzania.  Since 2008, Save the Rain's relationship with the co-op has supported their mission to empower the disenfranchised through honest work for honest wages.  Their Team consists of 72 men and women who all once knew the pain of wondering where their next meal would come from.  Now, they are skilled in the arts of beading, sewing, and even some in management.  Your support keeps their factory buzzing and allows them to employ even more local villagers.
Give 100%:
Our Retail Store has the unique ability to promise 100% of your purchase price (minus the taxes) will go directly to funding our Clean Water Projects in the rural villages of Tanzania.  You read that right, 100%.  We have a corporate sponsor who covers the cost of our purchases from the co-op so that your contribution provides the gift of clean water.  Learn More about our Clean Water Projects by visiting the Home Page of our website
See how your contribution is making a difference Mission Video

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